I decided to do my first blog on the theme of confidence, a characteristic we are NOT born with, but one which can be instilled in us. Even when instilled in us it does have the habit of playing hide and seek. For me personally, it took a long journey of self discovery and realization to eventually affirm that my confidence will always come from knowing who I am, and where I came from. My mother, my queen has always been a great source of inspiration, a woman with unmatched strength and resilience. Right from the beginning she instilled in me the importance of self confidence, loving and embracing being a Black African Woman. As a young girl, I was constantly reminded that I was powerful, with a fierce look on her face, she would often say to me "You birthed the world". Little did I know that she was planting a seed, a seed that later became part of the process of birthing Affinity Line. When deciding on the name for my first collection it was a no-brainer, paying homage to my mother I named it The Nana Safoa Collection. 

Outside of my mother I was inspired by the lives of other historical African women who had left their mark on the world. It was in 2017, when I decided to study the lives of these remarkable women in greater depth. Reading the amazing stories of these women left me feeling empowered and deeply appreciative of my African roots! I was excited to share these books with my friends, however whilst they enjoyed hearing the stories, getting them to read these books often came with reluctance. The idea then came to me in the mirror, illustrate these women on different products and with each product include a detailed affirmation card. Although the vision was very clear in my mind, the thought of executing it and turning it into something tangible filled me with deep anxiety. It took a year to launch, not only because of all the challenges that come with starting a business, but because once again confidence decided to play hide and seek. I already had a business with partners, but could I do it on my own? would anyone actually be interested? would people say that I'm too pro black (which doesn't mean anti-white, by the way) say I'm to much of a feminist (which doesn't mean anti-men). All these thoughts came to me, but I had to remember my why and like a woman determined to rise, I picked up my courage and pursued my purpose. I wanted every black girl to not ever doubt that she was worthy and valuable, that her history was not just the devastating atrocity of slavery. So I tapped back into my confidence, vowing to be fearless. 

God had entrusted me with a vision, and I owed it to him, myself and the individuals who paved a way for me to bring it into fruition. I felt a great responsibility to pay homage to the women whose names had been forgotten in history books, whose contribution to the world had been immensely downplayed. Their strength, courage and resilience, empowered me to change the reality confronting me. If they could shape their lives, be strong willed and fight for their rights, some even through oppression and struggle, then why couldn't I? They affirmed my greatness, affirmed that I should honour myself, and therefore I became determined to let the world remember their names, so that their efforts would not die in vain.

So, I end here, by reminding you, to never let your head down Black Queen. Love yourself, believe in yourself, be fearless, be courageous, be confident, be you.  



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  • This is so empowering and inspiring. Thank you for sharing the story behind your brand!!


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